10 Office Interior Designs to Make Workers Work Harder

Futuristic Office Interior

The workers’ performances also depend on how comfortable their office interior space is. It is important to create a comfortable interior design so the workers can work harder. This can affect the result of the projects that they are working on.

If you need more inspiration, here are 10 office interior designs to make workers work harder for you.

1. EDGE Technologies by Fokkema & Partners

EDGE Technologies 7

This developer headquarters uses a NO OFFICE concept for its office interior design. EDGE Technologies by Fokkema & Partners offers a modern office interior with a comfortable atmosphere. The workers can feel that they are working somewhere that is comfortable, not in a formal office space.

Photographer: Bram Vreugdenhil


2. Airbnb Tokyo by Suppose Design Office

Airbnb Tokyo 11

The best things that make the office interior design in Airbnb Tokyo by Suppose Design Office comfortable are the high ceiling and the beautiful lamps. The high ceiling can create an airy space inside while the lamps can provide a warm atmosphere.

Photographer: Studio Periphery


3. Nott Design Office by S. Hotvianskyi

Nott Design Office 1

Things that you need to consider for an office interior design that can make the workers work harder are color selection. For the office area, Nott Design Office by S. Hotvianskyi uses neutral colors like white and black which are soft and cozy. The highlight in this office is the yellow furniture.

Photographer: S.Hotvianskyi


4. Gavlegårdarna by Studio Stockholm

Gavlegårdarna 6

The office interior design in Gavlegårdarna by Studio Stockholm is also creating a green environment. Besides creating a colorful interior, this office also tries to bring nature inside the interior space by adding some greenery.

Photography: Studio Stockholm


5. Vasakronan Uppsala by  Studio Stockholm

Vasakronan Uppsala 7

The ceiling presents an industrial style while the interior offers a colorful and green interior design. Vasakronan Uppsala by  Studio Stockholm has a colorful and inviting office interior design through the colorful furniture. Some greenery is also added to make the interior look fresh.

Photographer: Per Kristiansen


6. Sunset Magazine by RMW Architecture Interiors

Sunset Magazine 10

The office interior design in Sunset Magazine by RMW Architecture Interiors is about combining an industrial style with western cultural interests. The industrial style comes from the big pipes on the concrete ceiling of the office.

Photographer: Jasper Sanidad


7. Ampfy Agency by Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani

Ampfy Agency 10

The striking centerpiece of the office interior design in Ampfy Agency by Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani is its expansive window. The fresh view from the greenery can be seen through this window. The high ceiling in this office is also beautified by modern lamps.

Image: casa14.arq.br


8. The Windish Agency by ORA

The Windish Agency 10

The office interior design in The Windish Agency by ORA also can make workers work harder. It is an independent booking agency office that has an open plan office space. This makes the office airy and larger. The interior itself is inviting with a simple industrial design.

Photography: ORA


9. Softcom Head Office – Eko Novo by Micdee Designs

Softcom Head Office Eko Novo 2

If you want to have a bright office interior design, take a look at the interior of Softcom Head Office – Eko Novo by Micdee Designs. It is a new HQ with neutral hues and textured finishes that can make the workers feel comfortable.

Photography: Micdee Designs


10. 45 Fremont by Gensler

45 Fremont 7

A modern office can be found in the office interior design of 45 Fremont by Gensler. It is a flexible and adaptive new office that is comfortable for the workers and clients as well. The interior is completed with modern furniture while the ceiling looks interesting with a little touch of industrial style.

Photography: Gensler

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