Industrial Loft: A House Reconstruction with Loft and Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Loft 11

This project is about a house reconstruction with its beautiful loft. Located in Kaunas, Lietuva, the industrial interior design of the whole space of the house and loft is designed by IDwhite. Industrial Loft is a 2018 project with 64 meter square for the total area. The interior is not only full of industrial style but also some elegant and modern accents.


Industrial Loft 16

Industrial Loft 15

Industrial Loft 14

The industrial interior design in the main space and loft of this house is dominated by simple colors like grey, white, and black. The ceiling is hight with a characteristic of industrial design using materials and lightings. The loft is used as a bedroom space and the area below consists of kitchen, living, and dining area.



Industrial Loft 13

Industrial Loft 12

Industrial Loft 11

Both the interior and architecture of this house is designed with an industrial style. This style is created based on the need of the house reconstruction, especially with the loft. Even though this house is not a big house, the industrial interior design is enough to make it looks awesome and feels comfortable.



Industrial Loft 10

Industrial Loft 9

Industrial Loft 8

In order to create a detail industrial interior, IDwhite lefts the roll surfaces, columns, and ceiling-slabs as they were. They can create a visual carelessness to the house environment. The architect also uses different colors and materials to support the industrial look.



Industrial Loft 7

Industrial Loft 6

This house doesn’t have too much decoration on its interior. The materials already can beautify all rooms, including the bathroom. With laconic planes on the furniture, pastel, and tiles, the house can have an industrial interior design with minimalist expressions.



Industrial Loft 5

Industrial Loft 4

Industrial Loft 1

There are some different lightings used to create an industrial look inside this house. The special atmosphere and impression of the house lighting come from the original LED lighting on the ceiling panels. In the kitchen and dining area, the black industrial lamps fit well with the wooden dining table and the black kitchen island.



Industrial Loft 3

Industrial Loft 2

The most interesting thing about the bedroom interior is the wall design. This wall is designed with burnt wood boards that become a great accent for the industrial interior inside the bedroom. It also gives a unique look for everyone who sees it.

Via idwhite

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