Inspired UM Office: Industrial Interior Design of A Creative Office with Graphical Details

Inspired UM Office 4

This creative office is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and designed by Ieva Prunskaitė and Rokas Puzinas from PRUSTA, Ltd. With 430 meter square of the total area, the industrial interior is designed to employees space. This interior design is dominated by graphical details, offering an office space that can improve the creativities of all employees.


Inspired UM Office 1

Inspired UM Office 2

Inspired UM Office 3

Just like other offices with industrial interior design, UM office has a lot of industrial elements on its interior such as pipes on the ceiling and also concrete materials on its floor and wall. The graphical details are added with natural unpainted galvanized metal which is arranged into the interior together with other materials.



Inspired UM Office 4

Inspired UM Office 5

Inspired UM Office 6

With more than fifty human brains that arrange and develop the interior design strategy, this office becomes a communicative place. The main concept is about creating a space with work principles in the first place and an ending with some drawings on the wall for generating ideas and offering a relaxed atmosphere.



Inspired UM Office 7

Inspired UM Office 8

Inspired UM Office 9

George Maciunas and Jonas Mekas portraits are used to decorating and beautifying the industrial interior. There are awesome and impressive Lithuanian personalities that can inspire the new movements, the same goal of the team in this UM Office today. Another detail also comes from the prominent color, especially red in some chairs, cushions, and sofa pillow.



Inspired UM Office 10

Inspired UM Office 11

Inspired UM Office 12

The natural unpainted galvanized metal dominates the whole industrial interior of UM Office. The partitions with the same materials are also chosen as the constructional elements to bring a more aesthetic and ideological point into the interior. Some old bricks are used and combined with warm wood and laconic metal.



Inspired UM Office 13

Inspired UM Office 14

The modern furniture which is made from wood are chosen to facilitate all employees in this office. Some chairs and tables look natural with its wooden color and look. Other chairs come with bright red color, creating an interesting contrast look in the conference room that surrounded by a white-black atmosphere.

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