Herston Gardenhouse 6

Herston Gardenhouse: A Multi-Generational Home with A New Structure and Fantastic Outlook

Consulted by the client after a presentation was given, REFRESH DESIGN informs the homeowners about an investment and lifestyle opportunity of a gardenhouse concept in this project. Started in 2013 and completed in 2014, Herston Gardenhouse is a project of an infill-development located in Herston, Brisbane, Australia. The goal is to achieve a multi-generational home.

Woolloongabba Gardenhouse 3

Woolloongabba Gardenhouse: An Infill-Development behind An Existing House with A New Gardenhouse

Completed in 2015, Woolloongabba Gardenhouse is a project of an infill-development behind an existing house on an inner-city site in Woollongabba, Brisbane, Australia. The goal is to design a multi-generational home that consists of an existing house and new gardenhouse to provide an opportunity for inclusive use or separation as a large family home.

Northern Rivers Beach House 9

Northern Rivers Beach House: A Beach House with A Very Economical and Bridge-Like Architecture

From 2013 to 2014, REFRESH DESIGN has been completed a residential project located in a small site area. With a low budget and restrictions due to flooding, the concept of a cantilevered structure in Northern Rivers Beach House becomes unconventional. A very economical and bridge-like architecture is finally made to create a unique effect in this beach house.

Centre Court House 1

Centre Court House: A Luxury Residence with Modern Living Areas and New Structures

It is a luxury residence located in a very exclusive suburb, Ascot, Australia. Centre Court House enjoys the rare luxury of a private tennis court, one of the awesome main features of the property. This project is started in 2017 and completed in 2019 by REFRESH*DESIGN. The idea is designing a house with modern living areas and new structures that open to the tennis court.