Seven Tips to Keep Your Home Environment Hygienic and Fresh

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Whether tiny or lavish – there is no place like home. It is nothing less than a paradise of comfort, where people get to relax after a hectic day at work. Can you unwind your mind at a place flooding with clutter and dust? No, right. Therefore, it is imperative to keep homes clean and clutter-free to ensure the perfect ambiance.

Surprisingly, science has also proven that space, where we live, has a significant impact on our mood, emotional, and mental well-being. With increasing environmental concerns like pollution, water contamination, and climate change, hygiene has become crucial. Inspect your home and see which areas need attention to get started with the cleaning spree.

If you can’t decide where to begin, here we are unveiling seven tips to keep your home environment hygienic and fresh.

1. Bust the Dust

It might be a no brainer that dusty environment is never healthy. Dust leads to several allergies and, at times, also results in breathing problems. To shut doors for respiratory issues, you have to ensure your home is dust-free. Use a vacuum cleaner that traps allergen rather than blowing them back into the room. Moreover, invest in some effective cleaning solutions to get spotless shelves, tables, appliances, chairs, windows, and sofas.

After all, vacuuming is never enough, especially for your carpets. They tolerate a high amount of traffic every day, calling out for some additional care. If you are in Washington, look for carpet cleaners in Spokane Valley to freshen up their look. They use exclusive cleaning solutions to wipe out all the dust mites and pollutants stuck inside carpets.

2. Spruce Up Bathrooms

Is your bathroom always messy? Consider changing your routine habits to make the place look cleaner. For instance, brush your teeth facing down the sink instead of looking in the mirror to avoid splitting water everywhere. Similarly, wipe off the water every time you shower, to eliminate the chances of mold. Another source of dirty grime on the bathroom counters is your makeup, so clean it instantly.

3. Maintain your Yard

Achieving the goal of fresh home without green yards sounds unreasonable. Spend some time grooming the plants in your garden to promote clean air. If you can’t spare time for this, hire a professional for pruning plants to get rid of dead branches, ensuring their best health. Also, make sure you don’t have a broken vase of dirty water in the backyard. It can create a breeding ground for mosquitos and insects. Hence, keep the lawn well-manicured for a natural look.

4. Get rid of the Clutter

Believe it or not, overall health is not solely dependent on physical well-being, as mental wellness is equally essential. This brings us to the idea of clutter-free space because no one likes seeing wrappers and clothes lying around the house. Therefore, grab your laptop and put it where it belongs. Instead of keeping empty mugs on the side table, wash them instantly. Put your dirty clothes inside the washing machine, make your bed right after waking up, and eliminate delays. The cleaner the house, the fresher would be your thought process.

5. Deodorize your Rubbish Bins

In summers, the heat is getting harsh on homes, resulting in humidity and bad odor. If you can’t stand the bad smell in the house, start practicing proper waste management. A kitchen bin full of waste will begin to smell bad in a couple of hours, and if it takes the hold, getting rid of the smell can be nearly impossible. Hence, adopt a proactive approach and deodorize your bin now and then.

Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of bins and line each one with paper towels. These two basics steps will prevent the smell from traveling around your home. If you have time, go a little over the board and mask the bins with one of your essential oils.

6. Prevent Pests

Have you ever come across tiny uninvited guests in the house? Almost every homeowner complains of pests – flies, cockroaches, mosquitos, termites, bedbugs, etc. At the same time, keeping windows closed is not an option since you have to make room for ventilation. Surprisingly, you can control this problem by keeping your home tidy. Give more attention to the bathroom and kitchen as these are the most common spots of attack. Immediately clean up if you spill something, keep your food covered, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. Similarly, never leave water standing out because moist and warm places attract these creatures.

7. Keep Air Vents Clean

Everyone focuses on eating habits and exercise to keep themselves healthy, but we often forget that the air we breathe can significantly impact health. Thus, give attention to the air vents and ducts by keeping them clean. You have to make sure they are free from dust and debris.  Otherwise, it can lead to improper ventilation and functioning of the air conditioning units. After all, they provide a way to outside pollutants for entering the house. Therefore, once in a month, clear out these vents to say goodbye to mold and pest infestation.


As necessary, it is to practice personal hygiene; the cleanliness of your house is equally essential. Alongside avoiding health concerns, you get to enjoy a peaceful environment that is comforting and relaxing. So, get on with the cleaning spree – begin with drapes and carpets, and then move from one room to another, allowing for clearing the decks!

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