House AB: A Modern Apartment with A More Contemporary Look and Spatial Distribution

House AB 5

This modern apartment is located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. House AB was built in the late 70s. It is a 2015 project by Didonè Comacchio Architects and still in progress. The spatial distribution in this apartment is maintained and some elements are replaced to give a more contemporary look. Dominated in white and decorated with wooden elements, this apartment is perfect for a modern lifestyle in an urban area.


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House AB 3

The apartment existing floor in olive timber is restored. In the kitchen, the existing tiles are replaced with a grey resin. This grey resin has an important role in this apartment to give a more contemporary look. With the help of other elements such as furniture and color, the contemporary look can be completed perfectly. There is a wooden wardrobe that comes in a high and large size with wooden doors.



House AB 4

House AB 5

House AB 6

This apartment has vertical and horizontal surfaces on its terrace. These surfaces are clad with timber, offering a beautiful and natural appearance. There is a jacuzzi in this terrace where the residents can observe the stunning view of the surrounding mountains of Asiago. In the dining area, the wooden table is surrounded by white elements from the chairs, lighting, and curtains of the windows. For the bedroom, lighting is arranged behind the backboard to create a perfect effect.



House AB 7

House AB 8

House AB 9

The interior of this apartment is white and bright that comes from the wood materials and white surfaces. Each room is dominated by these two, such as a wooden table, wooden storage, white chairs, white kitchen island, and much more. The different looks can be seen in the bathroom with its concrete wall and floor, creating a beautiful contrast that is natural and soft. By using different materials and colors, spatial distribution also can result in a balanced look.


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