Messner House 10

Messner House: A New House Inspired by Childhood Memories in the Mountains

Located in the picturesque area of Alpe di Siusi (Bolzano) at the foot of the Sciliar, Messner House is a 2017 project of the spirit of a barn that is reborn as a home. Designed by noa* (network of architecture), the South Tyrolean tradition combined with surprising features in this project while the almost magical ambience comes from the childhood memories in the mountains.

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof 6

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof: An Outing Destination with Awesome Architecture

The Torgglerhof is located at the mouth of the Passeier Valley where the roots run deep in a classic apple cultivation culture. It becomes a perfect spot for people wanting to connect, linger, and soak up the scenic views. Located in Saltusio, Italy, it is the site where Apfelhotel Torgglerhof was built. Designed by noa* network of architecture in 2020, this hotel becomes an outing destination and an insider tip with awesome architecture.

House AB 5

House AB: A Modern Apartment with A More Contemporary Look and Spatial Distribution

This modern apartment is located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. House AB was built in the late 70s. It is a 2015 project by Didonè Comacchio Architects and still in progress. The spatial distribution in this apartment is maintained and some elements are replaced to give a more contemporary look. Dominated in white and decorated with wooden elements, this apartment is perfect for a modern lifestyle in an urban area.

Interior DR 4

Interior DR: A Rural House with Original Structural Walls in Stone and Brick

Located in Rosà VI, Italy, Didonè Comacchio Architects has been completed the interior design of a rural house in 2019. Interior DR is a residential project in the Venetian countryside, designed for the aesthetic tastes and functional needs of the client. The recycled materials used are enhanced, including the original structural walls in stone and brick. The result of this project is a comfortable rural house with a unique interior inside.

Interior DM 3

Interior DM: A Modern Apartment Restoration with Contemporary Reinterpretation of Spaces

This 2016 project is an interior refurbishment of a modern apartment located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Interior DM is designed by Didonè Comacchio Architects, a 110 square meter apartment on the top floor of a building in the historic center. This restoration does not include demolition or re-modulation of space, but it focuses on a contemporary reinterpretation of spaces.