What Are the Different Types of Tubs and Showers?

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Are you ready to give your bathroom a much needed to remodel or need to replace a defective tub or shower system? If so, you have much more than price and size to consider in your decision.

From standard bathtubs to luxury showers, you have a variety of types of tubs and showers to choose from. You’ll want to think about any special features, your lifestyle, safety needs, and even your bathroom’s current design.

So, what are the different types of bathtubs and showers? Read on to learn about four options to explore.

Rainfall Shower

Are you used to a plain shower head and want something more elaborate? You can upgrade your shower to luxury status by installing a rainfall shower system.

This type of shower lets the waterfall down from an attachment hanging from the ceiling. So, it feels like the rain comes down on you as you bathe.

You can find a variety of rainfall shower head sizes to suit your preferences.

Soaking Tub

Does the idea of a longer and deeper tub to relax in sound appealing? Then consider the soaking types of bathtubs as a slightly more expensive alternative to traditional tubs.

Taking a bath in one of these tubs allows enough water to cover most of you and offers a spa-like feeling. The size and shape make them easy to fit where your old tub went, so you’ll experience less hassle with the upgrade.

Whirlpool Tub

If you find the bubbles of a hot tub relaxing but don’t have a large space, you may be happy to know you can find whirlpool tubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. These tubs have relaxing jets that can help ease sore muscles and offer a long, relaxing bathing experience.

You can find different styles of bathtubs that offer the whirlpool effect. Some have the shape and size of traditional and soaking tubs and can be used along with a shower. Others look more like a smaller version of a hot tub.

You can talk to a plumbing company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to learn more.

Walk-in Tub and Shower

Whether you have physical difficulties or just want a safer way to bathe, you might find a walk-in tub and shower combo an excellent choice. These units have a door you can often and tend to be higher off the ground.

You can usually find a seat to sit and shower or take a deep, soaking bath. Note that these tubs and showers tend to be very expensive due to their therapeutic and medical uses.

Consider These Types of Tubs and Showers for Your Home

Now that you know about the types of tubs and showers available consider reaching out to plumbing professionals to learn more about installation and pricing.

They can come to your home and make sure that your bathroom layout will work with your preferred tub or shower option. They can also help with any plumbing upgrades or repairs that may be needed before installation.

If you want more advice on upgrading your home, our blog has a lot of design content that can help. Take a look at our other posts.

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