Majanggracht: A New Interior with A Ground Floor Living Kitchen and Split-Level Layouts

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Standard Studio designs a new interior for a young family home in Majanggracht, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Majanggracht is a 2015 project that sits on the beautiful KNSM island, designed with a ground floor living kitchen to move out a lot of house functions. With the split-level layouts and big voids, the characteristic for the playfulness of the house can be shown up.


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This home is divided into 3 playful layers that mingle with the neighbors, located on a canal. Besides a playful home, this project also results in having the kitchen and living room on the second floor without any relation to the canal. The design consists of a plan to move the functions inside the house by creating a ground floor living kitchen with a nook. The former kitchen is transformed into two bedrooms with a toilet and bathroom.



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The first step is extending the bel etage floor to the window to establish the space for a living kitchen. This floor was designed as a split level floor originally. A two-faced cabinet is also designed since the front door of the house is positioned on the lower level. This cabinet acts as a wardrobe and on the other side, it holds a tv and multiple storage spaces. A warm welcoming nook also can be added together with the raised podium.

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The ArcLinea kitchen with a matt black surface becomes a focal point on this floor and a part of a bigger black volume that houses the toilet. The volume is designed in a Shou Sugi Ban wood finish by Hakwood. The result is a juxtaposition between the matt plain surface of the kitchen and the natural wood appearance.



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The rudimental void of 8m is located above the kitchen island due to the previous change without a connection to the other floors. Here, the architect creates two bedrooms that connected by a new wooden staircase while the toilet and bathroom are added on the lower level. A home office is designed by transforming the former dining room and it is completed with the steel doors and windows towards the living room.


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Photographer: © Standard Studio

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