Casa K: A Big House with Large Windows and Optimized Modern Interiors

Casa K 11

This modern and big house is located in a special location that facing the sea in Casuzze, Santa Croce Camerina (RG), Italy. Casa K is designed by Architrend Architecture, offering an opportunity for the client to work on a house surrounded by an awesome view of nature. The view towards the sea is maximized through the creation of large windows while the modern interiors are optimized based on the client’s functional needs.


Casa K 1

Casa K 2

Casa K 3

It is an awesome opportunity for the client to work on a house in a great location and a stunning view of the sea. This project is possible because of the building’s geographical position, the building current conditions, and also the client’s wishes. The result is achieved through the entire development of the design.



Casa K 4

Casa K 5

Casa K 6

With the limits to the entrance and the first floor, the maximum view of the sea can be expanded through the creation of large windows with minimal windows frame. There is a system of sliding panels in aluminum on the front side to protect and shade from the surrounding buildings. The heart of the house is the terrace.

Casa K 7

Casa K 8

Casa K 9

In order to create a spatial and visual relationship with the interior spaces, space is designed closely related to the house including the possible redefinition of the stair. The architect proposes the infinity pool implementation on the terrace to deliver a visual continuity between the sea horizon and the water edge.



Casa K 10

Casa K 11

Casa K 12

The modern interiors in this house are designed and optimized based on the functional needs of the client. The house spaces are designed with some various details related to all dwelling components. The same theme of the furniture is chosen to create a balance in every room, combined with some materials and decoration such as glass and rug.


Casa K Gallery

Photographer: Moreno Maggi

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