Penthouse in Costa Blanca: A Penthouse Refurbishment with Different Elements and Stunning Bay Views

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Located in the Costa Blanca of the Mediterranean Sea, Alicante, Spain, Penthouse in Costa Blanca is a refurbishment project by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Complete in 2019, this 165 m2 penthouse has two floors designed with different elements. The advantage of stunning bay views is also taken to complete the design and it becomes the most important element in this project.


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Articulated in a single room, the main floor of this penthouse seeks continuity between some rooms such as the terrace, living room, and kitchen. Through the modern design, the surrounding landscape atmosphere is also inserted into the interior space of each room in this penthouse.

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The night area is located on the upper floor with a master bedroom. This bedroom opens out smoothly to the blue sea through a terrace. This room also has a large dressing room that meets each one of the preferences of the clients. Each room is designed with the same combination of white and black for the interior surface.



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The architect uses some different elements to delimit the spaces in this penthouse. The staircase is made of white stone and it is conceived as a sculptural element with the kitchen as furniture. This way can allow easy use of spaces based on the client’s needs.

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The black stone element is also used to beautify the humid areas. This material serves to configure the penthouse space, especially in the master bedroom. The last and most important element of this project is boosting the Bay of Altea views, so the clients can enjoy it easily right from inside the penthouse.



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With the use of different materials and colors, this penthouse offers a modern and elegant interior. Most of the interior surfaces are dominated in white with a beautiful pattern that comes from the used material. In contrast with the living area, the bathroom comes in a strong dark atmosphere with its black surface of the wall and sinks.


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Photographer: Diego Opazo

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