Menchuks Apartment: Minimalist Interior of Modern Apartment with Flat White Surfaces

Menchuks Apartment 14

Menchuks Apartment is a modern apartment located in Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. The minimalist interior design is combined with a flat white surface on its 45-meter square area. This 2018 project is completed by Hrystia Koliasa Architecture with detailed research for its interior design realization.


Menchuks Apartment 1

Menchuks Apartment 2

Menchuks Apartment 3

The lifestyle becomes a crucial thing for the minimalist interior design of this apartment. The interior is full of things that client loves such as cooking, music videos, watching films, jogging, traveling, cycling, and traveling. Some private spaces are also designed and hidden even from the architect.



Menchuks Apartment 4

Menchuks Apartment 5

Menchuks Apartment 6

The interior design in Menchuks Apartment is not about mixing and matching the furniture, decorations, and the beauty. It needs to have good space organizing, especially leaving some free space for changes and life in the future.



Menchuks Apartment 7

Menchuks Apartment 8

Menchuks Apartment 9

The empty space can be found near the window in the living area of the apartment. This space is used for Olya and Sergii to grow baobab after their awesome journey in Africa. The kitchen and balcony space is also designed with a big glass door visually and physically as a space connection.



Menchuks Apartment 10

Menchuks Apartment 11


Menchuks Apartment 12

The flat white surface can erase the interior boundaries in this apartment, so the attention can be focused on the view from the windows. This surface also makes the cleaning routine easier and faster for the client in daily lives.



Menchuks Apartment 13

Menchuks Apartment 14

Menchuks Apartment 15

Menchuks Apartment 20

In the living area, there is a huge projected picture displayed on the wall right in front of the coach. It can create a feeling to have a fun party for watching movies that also can be seen from the kitchen. The kitchen itself is designed with a minimalist interior with an awesome organization, giving quick access to the client in cooking.



Menchuks Apartment 16

Menchuks Apartment 17

Menchuks Apartment 18

Menchuks Apartment 19

This apartment has a lot of storage to keep all stuff in good order. The wardrobe can be opened from two different sides: entrance hall and bedroom. There are no shoes at all on the floor because there are some drawers to keep them well.

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