11 Incredible Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Your bathroom is also one of your house rooms that need to be decorated. By decorating this private room, the entire design of your house will be completed. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom such as choosing some specific furniture, applying different colors, or using different materials. Check out these incredible bathrooms decorating ideas for more details and inspirations.

1. RaeRae House by Austin Maynard Architects

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The awesome decoration in RaeRae House comes from things inside it. Austin Maynard Architects adds a large mirror on a wooden cabinet with a white sink. The toilet and the big bathtub have the same color as the sink. It is a kind of a modern bathroom with natural and soft decoration which is perfect for a modern house.


2. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture

Lacuna House 4

Everything is colorful and modern in Lacuna House, including its bathroom. This bathroom is designed with the same theme as the living room and kitchen with a white background. The decorative element comes from the blue wall behind the bathtub and also the wooden bathroom cabinets added by Bijl Architecture.


3. Sueno Sagrado

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As a home rental, Sueno Sagrado offers a Cali-contemporary style with a zen state in each of its rooms, including the bathroom. In order to bring this style into the bathroom, some contemporary decorations are added such as a golden mirror frame, golden sink, wooden bathroom cabinet, and even a small pot of plant at the corner of the shower area.


4. Mountain View Double Gable Eichler by Klopf Architecture

Mountain View Double Gable Eichler 6

This classic Eichler home is updated by some architects with a new layout to design and decor its rooms. The bathroom in Mountain View Double Gable Eichler is decorated with the original classic style loved by the owner. Under a wooden ceiling, the master bathroom offers a simple look with its glass shower door and white interior.


5. Los Altos New Residence by Klopf Architecture

Los Altos New Residence 13

Inspired by a mid-century home, Los Altos New Residence by Klopf Architecture offers a minimalist bathroom with a simple design and less decoration. This simple decoration comes from common things such as a wooden cabinet, white bathtub, and sink. For a sweet touch, a small pot of plant is put on the corner near the sink.


6. Local House by Make Architects

Local House 8

Even the bathroom can be also an awesome private room which is special in a house. Local House by Make Architects offers this idea through some perfect decoration such as a yellow patterned wall, a skylight above the shower area, the sloping wooden ceiling, and also a wooden cabinet with a white sink.


7. Condo Louis-Hébert by Boom Town

Condo Louis Hébert 10

Condo Louis-Hébert is a contemporary private home designed by Boom Town. This house has an amazing interior design with wood elements in each room, including the bathroom. These wood elements also act as the bathroom decoration, which comes from the bathroom cabinet under the sink and the wall storage near the bathtub. The floor of this bathroom is designed with black tiles which are in contrast with the white bathtub, sink, and wall.


8. Chambord Houses by DERASPE PROJECTS inc. works and GENIEX

Chambord Houses 4

DERASPE PROJECTS inc. works with GENIEX to design Chambord Houses. These townhouses provide simple and modern design for its interior, including its bathroom interior. In order to complete the design, there is no highlighted decoration in this bathroom. The only different thing from this bathroom is the natural wood color from the wooden cabinet under the sink.


9. Cottage de Brébeuf by Boom Town

Cottage De Brébeuf 4

Another incredible bathroom decorating idea can be seen in Cottage de Brébeuf by Boom Town. Designed and characterized with rustic and chic style, this bathroom is also beautified with the same rustic and chic decoration. The wooden countertop of the sink is the main decoration of this bathroom besides the concrete floor and wall.


10. Chalet Cedrus by Boom Town

Chalet Cedrus 17

The bathroom in Chalet Cedrus is one of the stylish bathrooms that you need to try to design and decor your own bathroom. This room is dominated in white while the storage comes in a beautiful wooden design. The most interesting decoration comes from the floor designed with small gloss marble mosaic tiles.


11. Sonoma Lane by Studio Carver

Sonoma Lane 16

Sonoma Lane by Studio Carver is an honest contemporary residence with contemporary interior design. With the same design as the bedroom, the spacious bathroom is decorated with a big mirror, double sinks, spacious cabinets, and a big bathtub. For an elegant decoration, the interior surface of this bathroom is designed in white.

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