Lacuna House: A Family Lifestyle Home with A Grand Design Gesture and Generous Spaces

Lacuna House 12

For a growing family, Lacuna House is a generous home that hides overlooking neighboring properties. Bijl Architecture creates a grand design gesture to this house that lifts to the sky perfectly. It is a family lifestyle home with generous spaces for outdoor living. The architect’s solution is bold and also nuanced, especially to provide an adaptable house for the family and the children.


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For this inter-war, East Willoughby home, generous spaces for outdoor living in a family lifestyle home becomes a key to the design brief. The large rear yard is retained for playing crickets and a ball. This house turns into an adaptable house for the family with two small children that can provide everything needed.



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Lacuna House 5

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There is a new central library inside the house, serving as a TV room and a playroom. This library also becomes a media and reading room as the two children grow. The kitchen, living room, and bathroom are designed in the same theme with a white background. Some details for these rooms are added through the furniture and decoration.



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Using timber slatting, brick mass, new planting, and full-length floaty curtains, some neighboring properties are hidden carefully. There is also a long driveway and carport occupied the half area of the backyard that replaced with a garage by the architect. The newly-released rear expanse of the house is claimed by green lawns now, for a delightful family swimming pool which is called Lacuna in Latin for a pool.


Lacuna House

Lacuna House 10

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Lacuna House 12

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