Sueno Sagrado: A Home Rental with Cali-Contemporary Style and Unique Natural Surroundings

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Sueno Sagrado is a home rental for vacation located in Pioneertown, California. This home is surrounded by an awesome natural exterior with beautiful desert views. Situated within a unique and awesome landscape, Sueno Sagrado has a Cali-contemporary style with a zen state which is perfect to relax, reinvigorate, and replenish.


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It is a home rental with one bedroom and one king bed size in it. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking tools. It also offers a Wi-Fi connection that can accommodate 4 guests. Sueno Sagrado is a perfect home rental for a family vacation with the kid. Starts from $227 per night, a comfortable place to stay are available to be booked with the whole beautiful desert views.



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Sueno Sagrado also has its own energy within its wonderful natural surroundings. With warm wood, white palette, and also other soft materials, the design of this home rental can complete the natural atmosphere seamlessly. Those materials can make it feels warmer and comfortable with its complete facilities while enjoying the great nature.



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This home is beautified with succulents and potted plants, even in the shower area of the bathroom. On the porch, there is a macrame hangs perfectly to provide another good spot in enjoying the sunset setup. Some classic details are also added to decor the interior such as a gold sink, unique arts, and even a classic fireplace typical of the countryside.



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This home rental sits on Joshua-Tree-adjacent valley with 47 acres for the total area. Around this awesome property, there is a rock outcropping that shows some prehistoric silhouettes and offering a dramatic scene with more moments to explore. When winter comes, this home rental looks blend with nature around it.



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The building of this home has a simple structure just like a classic home in a village. The roof and the outer look of this home come in a brown sand color. In front of the building, some desert plants like cactus are welcoming everyone who visits it. The visitor is also welcomed by a simple white framed door in each room.


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