11 Stunning Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Ledge House 3

One of the important rooms in a house is a master bedroom. It is a private and main room of the residents where they can sleep, relax, and enjoy some free time. A master bedroom doesn’t only need a comfortable design but also a stylish and awesome look through its decorations. Here are stunning master bedroom decorating ideas that can inspire you to decorate your own room.

1. RaeRae House by Austin Maynard Architects

RaeRae House 4

Designed by Austin Maynard Architects, RaeRae House is a new five-bedroom family home with a colorful master bedroom. The different colors in this room come from the bed, the bed cover, floor carpet, and also the natural wooden color of the walls behind the bed. The pattern on the bed can add a more decorative look as well.


2. Residence Montagnard by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence Montagnard 5

For the master bedroom in Residence Montagnard, Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes adds a natural and simple decoration through the material. This room is dominated by wood that used to design the bed, side table, room ceiling, room floor, and also room wall behind the bed. The decoration is completed by two small lamps beside the bed and a chair at the corner of the room.


3. Cap St-Martin House by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Cap St Martin House 10

This warm second home is characterized by a contemporary reinterpretation of the barn that also can be seen in its master bedroom. Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes designs the master bedroom in Cap St-Martin House with a minimalist and simple design without a lot of decoration. The decoration itself comes from the white painting of the wall, grey bed, wooden floor, and ceiling.


4. Brougham Place by Smart Design Studio

Brougham Place 16

The unique design and architecture in Brougham Place comes from its concrete structure and also its room interiors. In the master bedroom of this house, Smart Design Studio inserts a little touch of decoration with a patterned rug while the bed itself comes in a natural white with a wooden bed. The warm sunlight also comes easily into this room through the windows to bring a more comfortable atmosphere.


5. Chalet Potton by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Potton A Spacious Cottage To Accommodate More Than A Dozen People 2

Developed by BOOM TOWN, the master bedroom in Chalet Potton offers a cottage interior design with a dark and brighter decoration too to create an interesting contrast. It is one of awesome master bedroom decorating ideas for you who want to have a master bedroom that can mingle with the surrounding nature.


6. South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse by Alexandra Barker of Barker Freeman

South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse 10

The decoration idea of the master bedroom in South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse can be seen from the rounded pattern on the bed and its pillows. This cute decoration is completed with a flower-patterned chair at the corner, a small frame on the wall, and white furniture that matches with the white theme of the room.


7. Ledge House by Desai Chia Architecture

Ledge House 3

Located in Cornwall, CT, Ledge House is surrounded by a stunning view and environment. It becomes a great advantage for Desai Chia Architecture to design the master bedroom with the best decoration to enjoy the views. A striped rug is put under the bed to add a decorative look while the white bed is placed facing the glazed wall to get more views.


8. Michigan Lake House by Desai Chia Architecture

Michigan Lake House 5

The master bedroom in Michigan Lake House is decorated with the use of beams and wood materials for its interior. Desai Chia Architecture also adds a beautiful lamp that looks like a beautiful white flower for this master bedroom besides the wooden bed, wardrobe, and side table. It seems that the room is lack of decoration but it looks truly beautiful with its simpleness.


9. VH6 House by Idee Architects

VH6 House 30

For a modern lifestyle, this corner villa is also designed in a modern design and decoration too for its master bedroom. VH6 House has a spacious master bedroom with a combination of blue and white for its interior surface. Idee Architects also inserts some small lamps on the ceiling as the decoration to create a romantic feeling.


10. Dark Light House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Dark Light House 17

The master bedroom in Dark Light House by Aaron Neubert Architects is located on the second floor. Supported by its “cube” volume, the master bedroom offers spacious space that allows the architect to add more decoration with furniture, rug, and lighting. The design and decoration in this room is also combined to capture awesome views of its surroundings


11. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier

Roscoe House 3

Roscoe House by Akin Atelier is a family home of a photographer that has an awesome connection between its rooms, including its master bedroom. For this special room, the decoration consists of some shutters in the north area that faces it. The residents can allow both the greenery views and warm sunlight to enter the master bedroom easily.

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