Garden Rowhouse: A Combination of Three Homes Horizontally with An Expansive Open-Plan Floor Plate

Garden Rowhouse 6

It is a pre-construction project located in Toronto, Canada with 3,600 sqft in size. Designed by Batay-Csorba Architects, Garden Rowhouse is designed to fill a void in Toronto’s housing market. The development of this rowhouse combines three homes horizontally instead of vertically with an expansive 48-ft-wide open-plan floor plate boasted by each home.


Garden Rowhouse 1

Garden Rowhouse 2

There are two reasons why this project is designed to fill a void in Toronto’s housing market. The first reason is after designing a lot of Toronto homes, rowhouses and townhouses limit to 4 stories high with 12-15-ft wide. The architect offers an alternative housing typology that is different and not found in the city.

Garden Rowhouse 4

Garden Rowhouse 5

The second reason is the options of Toronto housing are limited for the aging demographic, especially limited to impractical types such as the condo that are geared a young demographic with lacking amenities and small square footage or where a narrow, traditional Victorian bay-and-gable that has four stories. This project tries to provide a liveable alternative for all.



Garden Rowhouse 7

Garden Rowhouse 3

Garden Rowhouse 6

It is a project where three typical 16-ft-wide Toronto lots are combined to organize three homes horizontally. Each home has an expansive 48-ft-wide open-plan floor plate that can not be found in most Toronto neighborhoods. The interior of each unit also wraps around a double-height light-filled courtyard, enclosed with large operable doors for flooding the space with natural light and seasonal flexibility. Each unit has a minimum of 1 bedroom on the main floor with all living spaces in 2 stories, resulting in a perfect and liveable space.

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