Tunbridge Winter Cabin: A Small Painting Studio with A Larger House and Warm Design

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 1

Tunbridge Winter Cabin is surrounded by dense forest and overlooking a pastoral valley. This small painting studio sits on 65 acres in the Green Mountains of Vermont, United States. It is a 2017 project of a studio with a larger house and warm design where all grow on and around each other. Designed by New Affiliates, the structure is built and designed only in eight months.


Tunbridge Winter Cabin 1

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 2

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 3

This studio is located in a perfect site where the owner can enjoy the awesome views of the forest and mountains. In eight months, the structure of the studio is finished, making it a quick project and also an informal getaway. A larger house is designed too on the site for the property that overlooks the stunning views of the valley.



Tunbridge Winter Cabin 4

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 5

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 6

The architect looks to Vermont’s strange aggregate structures where all elements such as sheds, houses, and barn grow on together and around each other to provide a warmer atmosphere. The studio itself can be found at the off-angle from the two-story living area to maximize the orientations facing the landscape.



Tunbridge Winter Cabin 7

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 8

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 9

There are also smaller square windows throughout, framing a lot of moments of the landscape through considered picturesque tableaux. These windows fit the efficient insulation strategy and also in lieu of large window-walls. Warm sunlight can easily enter the building spaces through these windows.


Tunbridge Winter Cabin

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 10

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 11

Tunbridge Winter Cabin 12

Photographer: Michael Vahrenwald / Esto

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