Zakopane Apartment: A Modern Apartment with A Bright and Elegant Interior

Zakopane Apartment 6

Designed by Gosia Łapaj and Kuba Kowalczyk from Kropka Studio, Zakopane Apartment offers a modern living place in Zakopane, Poland. This apartment has a bright and elegant interior that comes from some elements such as materials, colors, and furniture. The design of this apartment is in cooperation with Agnieszka Fąfara and it has been completed in 2019.


Zakopane Apartment 1

Zakopane Apartment 2

Zakopane Apartment 3

Kropka Studio uses natural colors to beautify the interior of this apartment: grey, white, and brown. The grey comes from the warm carpet and tiles used for the apartment floor while the walls and ceilings are painted in white. The interesting look can be seen from the natural brown that comes from the furniture that made of woods. The combinations of these colors can create a bright and elegant design in the whole area of the apartment interior.



Zakopane Apartment 6

Zakopane Apartment 7

In order to create an interesting interior design, the architect also uses some different materials to beautify this apartment. Grey tiles are used not only for the center area of the apartment but also for the bathroom floor and wall. In the bedroom, wood dominates the wall behind the bed, the floor, and the cupboard. The same wood material is also used to design the storage in the bathroom.


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