5 Awesome Apartment Decorating Ideas

Sometimes, it is a little bit different to live in an apartment than a house. An apartment usually needs more simple decoration than a house to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. By decorating your apartment nicely, you can have the best living place ever for you and your family. Here are awesome apartment decorating ideas for you with a lot of awesome inspirations.


1. Wood & Marble by Nottdesign

Wood & Marble 8

This minimalist apartment has an elegant interior design in all its rooms, including its living zone. The living zone in Wood & Marble consists of a living area decorated with a striped rug and a grey sofa while the dining area is beautified by the use of blue chairs and unique lamps.

Photographer: A. Avdeenko


2. Shaken not Stirred by Nottdesign

Shaken Not Stirred 6

The contemporary interior in Shaken not Stirred is decorated with various materials. The textured grey wall in the main space is made by the use of bricks. The floor is made from wood while the furniture comes with a rustic style that looks perfect with the contemporary interior.

Photography: Nottdesign


3. Shinrin Yoku by Nottdesign

Shinrin Yoku 11

In this modern apartment, the work of Shinrin Yoku is used as the main idea to design the entire space. Shinrin Yoku means “forest bathing”. With this idea, the interior inside is decorated in a simple way with the use of different materials. Wood and concrete are combined with neutral colors such as white, black, and grey.

Photography: Nottdesign


4. Elegant Apartment by IDwhite

Elegant Apartment 11

Inside the Elegant Apartment, elegant interior and color code are used to design the room. In order to complete the elegant interior, this apartment is decorated with elegant decorations too such as a white sofa and black rug.

Photography: IDwhite


5. Minimalist Apartment by IDwhite

Minimalist Apartment 2

The interior of the Minimalist Apartment is modern and bright. The apartment decorating idea in this apartment utilizes some neutral colors to bring a bright atmosphere. White and grey dominate this apartment interior, especially its main living area.

Photography: IDwhite