House in Krakow: A Large House with Modern Interior and Glazed Walls

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Located in Kraków, Poland, House in Krakow is surrounded by a stunning and natural landscape. This large house is designed in 2017 by Gosia Łapaj and Kuba Kowalczyk from Kropka Studio. The goal is to design a house with a modern interior inside and also to get more advantages from the awesome views through the glazed walls.


House In Krakow 1

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The modern interior inside this house comes from the natural color of the house surface, especially the wall, ceiling, and floor. In order to create a matching look between the color and materials, wooden furniture is also used to fill up the rooms. The same wood materials are also used to design the floor, providing a warm atmosphere to the entire spaces. For creating a balance modern interior, darker furniture is also chosen to beautify the interior such as grey rug and black sofas.



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This house is also dominated by wood materials. The architect uses this material to design the floor and wall of the bathroom, ceiling, and also the stairs that lead to the upstairs. The residents can enjoy awesome views through the glazed walls from the living room, dining area, and kitchen that placed in the heart area of the house. The combination of wood and natural color inside the house also can bring an elegant look that combined with a modern design.


House in Krakow

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