Khesht-Baf: A Pre-Constructed Building with Unique Design and Space for the Needs of Iranian Life

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Completed in 2018, Khesht-Baf is a project about a pre-constructed building located in the west part of Tehran with 912 square meters in size. The architecture of this building is handed over to Image Architects when the concrete and skeleton construction is completed. Consists of four floors, unique space and stunning design are added into it to meet the needs of Iranian life for two brothers living a modern life.


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The main challenge for this big building is to create a unique and comfortable space to meet the need of Iranian life in a pre-constructed building for two brothers living a modern life with a strange and immaculate body. For this challenge, the architect separated the exterior and interior portions for its first phase.



Khesht Baf 4

Khesht Baf 5

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By separating the exterior and interior portions, the building spaces can be provided for the two families’ activities especially in the gym, pool, backyard, and roof garden. Spatial separations are also added within each unit, attempted to create privacy and hierarchy at the same time. Movable partitions are also added inside the unit, separating the dining and living room space.



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The two floors are underground, used for mechanical room, storage room, parking lot, gym, and swimming pool while the first and the second floors are the residential units of the building. For the building’s facade, curved panels are designed with parametric patterns that have openings that limit the street visibility into the rooms. These openings also can enhance the interiors’ visibility to the green side on the building west side.



Khesht Baf 10

Khesht Baf 11

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Lattice parametric shells are created to provide the needed heat in winter but the sunlight in summer can’t get in the room of the building. The city’s visual pollution filter also becomes target-controlled by brick panels while the viewer experience a dynamic view is created by the framing of the view from the inside out, and fluidity of the parametrically expanded patterns and frame.



Khesht Baf 13

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Khesht Baf 20

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Photographer: Mohammad Hossein Hamzeloui /Mohammad Mahdi Sharafatpeima

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