Suda Apartment: An Apartment Construction with Large Openings and Maximum Privacy

Suda Apartment 4

In collaboration with Suzuki Atelier, ISSHOArchitects has been completed an apartment construction in Tokyo. Suda Apartment is a wood-construction apartment with large openings and two different types of window height to create maximum privacy.


Suda Apartment 2

Suda Apartment 3

Located in a Tokyo suburb, this apartment has utilities, storage, bath, kitchen, and necessary structural wall length. All of these are located in the core of the building. The building comes in a square form with a flat roof and some windows that have two different heights.



Suda Apartment 4

Suda Apartment 5

Suda Apartment 6

The design of this apartment achieves superior sound insulation among the four units, including freedom of locating the large openings which are almost impossible in a conventional two-story wood-construction. Each unit is designed with two types of the window height, arranged to achieve openness to the outside and also to maximize privacy.


Suda Apartment Gallery


Photographer: SHINTARO SATO

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