Copper Spirit Distillery: Residential Rental Units with A Combination of Industrial and Residential Use

Copper Spirit Distillery 3

Copper Spirit Distillery is located in the heart of Bowen Island’s historic Snug Cove, Canada. Designed by Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop Inc. (RSAAW), these residential rental units offer both an artisanal gin distillery with a tasting room for islanders. This project is completed in 2020 with 8,815 sqft in size.


Copper Spirit Distillery 1

Copper Spirit Distillery 2

Copper Spirit Distillery 3

This groundbreaking project provides much needed residential rental units for islanders and it is the first of its kind in Canada to combine industrial and residential use in one. The goal of this project is a sustainable production process with a distillery that incorporating the rain harvesting and heat recovery systems.



Copper Spirit Distillery 4

Copper Spirit Distillery 5

Copper Spirit Distillery 6

The three residential units are designed with a unique layout that provides livable spaces just within 10 ft width and still harnessing natural light as much as possible. There is also a tasting lounge with an atrium and front patio that can enhance the Snug Cove’s public infrastructure.



Copper Spirit Distillery 7

Copper Spirit Distillery 8

Copper Spirit Distillery 9

The use of industrial elements can be seen inside the units such as the furniture, materials, and colors. With the high ceiling, the units also can provide the islanders with better circulation inside the units. It is a unique and perfect place for those who want to experience an unusual atmosphere in a residential unit with attractive design and architecture.


Copper Spirit Distillery Gallery


Photographer: Andrew Latreille

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