Nine Tsubo House: A Small House with Generous and Inviting Feeling

Nine Tsubo House 5

Nine Tsubo House is one of the HOME magazine Home of the Year competition finalists. It is a small house designed by WireDog Architecture with 50 m2 in size. Located on the hills above Island Bay in Wellington, this house offers a generous and inviting feeling with its spaces and design.


Nine Tsubo House 1

Nine Tsubo House 2

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There are two special things from this house: sliding main door and double-height space. Both of them are designed and added to create a generous and inviting feeling inside the house. The sliding main door lets the beautiful views outside the house to enter the living area while the double-height space offers more area that can be used for living needs.



Nine Tsubo House 4

Nine Tsubo House 5

The furniture, floor, and ceiling of this small house are dominated by wood materials. Natural impression also comes from the white accents from the wall and the bed. In summer, the sliding door can let the warm sunlight to come to the living area. The neat detail can be seen from the book arrangement and accessories on the wooden rack.

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