Kanuka Valley House: A Warm Comfortable Environment of A House with Graceful Living Spaces

Kanuka Valley House 2

Located within a valley filled with Kanuka trees, Kanuka Valley House offers a warm comfortable environment as a living place. This 300m2 house also has intricately composed interiors that can create graceful living spaces. Designed by WireDog Architecture, this project is ADNZ Regional Award-winner with endlessly inventive.


Kanuka Valley House 1

Kanuka Valley House 2

Kanuka Valley House 3

This house has massive rammed earth walls bind the building to its surrounding landscape. The internal textures of the house also can create a warm comfortable environment that is perfect for living. The house’s structure is designed with some different elements and materials, arranged and combined to create a warm and convenient atmosphere inside the house.



Kanuka Valley House 4

Kanuka Valley House 5

The composed interiors of Kanuka Valley House can create a continuously unfolding world of frames and niches, as well as graceful living spaces. The materials are elevated, whether rammed earth, cedar, strand board, or bamboo. With some lighting arrangements, the interiors are not only warm but also offering a romantic and calm feeling for everyone who enters the house.

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