Golden Box: A Contemporary House with An Open Concept Living for Luxurious Living

Golden Box 5

Completed in 2009, Golden Box is a contemporary house project by K2LD Architects located in Singapore. The owner has a unique requirement of a ‘transparent’ house like a shopping mall. The transparency level is mediated with some different types of screening devices to embrace the idea of an open concept living, especially for luxurious living.


Golden Box 1

Golden Box 2

Golden Box 3

As a contemporary house, Golden Box is designed based on the needs of the owner by embracing the open concept living idea with a transparency level. For luxurious living, different types of screening devices are used that can blur the visual threshold of the private and public. At the same time, the house design also makes it ‘disappear’.



Golden Box 4

Golden Box 5

Golden Box 6

Golden Box is an un-private house with a ground-level living space. This space is a 26m long and 6m wide column-free space that has 3-sided full height glass panels. The views from the outside are brought into the house which is also taking advantage of the surrounding abundant greenery.



Golden Box 7

Golden Box 8

The inside and outside areas are mediated by the boundary walls. There is also a row of bamboo behind the glass wall for screening, acting as a foreground for the floating golden mesh and serving as a backdrop of the living space for the people sitting.



Golden Box 9

Golden Box 10

The varying porosity of the golden mesh is the main feature of the house. It acts as a light veil over the private glassed areas on the second storey. The screen dissolves and unveils the events during the night and within the house when it is lit.

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