Restio River House: A Relaxed Interior with A Sense of Calmness and Sweeping Landscapes

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Located near the banks of the Buffels River in Pringle Bay, Restio River House offers an easy living permanence with a relaxed interior. Pringle Bay is a small coastal town near Cape Town, South Africa. Based on this location, ARRCC tries to create a sense of calmness that comes from the sweeping landscapes around the house. They let in the sun into the house with the natural beauty of the mountain valley and vegetation.


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The interior of Restio River House is inspired by the landscape and its dramatic views. The architect tries to focus on the surrounding views to get the right interior that matched with the house. All spaces are restrained with some selected pieces in order to create a relaxation and comfort sense inside the house.

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The relaxed interior can exude a stylish comfort too. The interior textures such as sheepskin, linens, and suedes are used to make a calmness sense. Those textures also can add an informal relaxation feeling. The architect chooses more fun and quirky style to meet the purpose of the house without compromising its luxury and style.



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A quirky, warm, playful element is added into the home with a punched brass cladding. This cladding is also used to beautify the lounge fireplace and the graphics lighting installation from Flos. In the dining room, the table is made by James Mudge accentuated by the pendant light of Lindsey Adelman. Using sheepskins throws, the black Magis chairs are softened to provide a comfortable seat.

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Some of the existing pieces from the South African artists owned by the clients are used and incorporated easily into the house design. Those pieces are selected to decorate the house space and adding a more interesting look. The artwork from great artists like Albert Coertse and Deborah Poynton can be found in this house.

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Restio River House 14

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This awesome project has a great result made from a strong collaboration between the interior designers, the architect, and also the clients. With a good understanding of the client’s vision about what they want for this house, a family retreat can be designed in so much easier.

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