Roca Llisa: A Classic Mediterranean Villa Designed as A Fully Functioning Entertainment Venue

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Roca Llisa is a classic Mediterranean villa designed as a family retreat for the clients located near Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio. This oasis is also used as a sanctuary and a meditative space for the family and large gatherings of friends. The contemporary design is added by ARRCC in order to create a warm and inviting feeling, a place which is perfect as a fully functioning entertainment venue.


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As an enclave of luxury, Roca Llisa offers a calmness which is in contrast with the lifestyle around the island. It is located on hilly terrain with awesome views from the Formentera island and also ocean. This kind of location is an ideal place for the people who want to escape from any summer club scenes of the busy cities.



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The design approach is about a focus on the use of natural organic materials like stone and timber. With contemporary details and design made from those materials, this villa can be used for the clients as a fully functioning entertainment venue, both for the family and also some friends. The design is also supported by the chosen furniture to complete all spaces inside this villa.



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Stone and timer are kinds of natural organic and tactile materials that can add more warmth and homeliness sense to the contemporary design in this villa. The architect also used natural textured materials to add depth and warmth to the clean and minimal interior design. With the glass doors and large sliding, the natural surroundings allow to becomes a part of the interior.



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The three levels in Roca Llisa has each space with a different function. The decor and interior design come with an elegant and casual style that can express a modern relaxed as well as a bohemian character without any excess or cluttered layered. All spaces look large than it seems and also open to nature outside the building.



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The architect designs discreet and bold lighting for this villa, layered in order to evoke a contrasting feeling but also complementary moods at the same time. The subtle lighting is incorporated to give a warm glow to the villa peripheral edges. The concealed lighting is also used to accentuate and highlight the finishing touches of the natural design.

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