Feisteinveien: A Single-Family House Extension with A Modern Expression

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The goal of this extension project is to make room for a growing family in a city that has become dense over the last decades. Feisteinveien is located in Stavanger, Norway, designed by Rever & Drage Architects. With 110 m² in size, the large extension in this single-family house is added with a form concept that includes a combination of distancing.


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The room for the family is made due to the economic boom related to the oil industry of the house area. The authorities of the building accept the extension beyond the original restrictions but still want a more modern expression and letting the existing building be preserved as a clear and city-typical shape in the area.



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The concept of the building form includes a combination of distancing itself from the main building and still letting this stand as the most important element in the middle of the area. This is also emphasized by following the ridge, the cornice, the existing roof, and the contrasting color.



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There is a large extension to the north that contains two small bedrooms at the top, a combined home-cinema-and-exercise room with a classical skylight, and a living room at ground level. The skylight brightens the concrete wall in the basement. The two bedrooms are used as up hung objects in the living room, connected at the top by a glass platform-and-stairs leading to the roof terrace of the house.

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For the small extension to the south, there is a bathroom and the main entrance in it. A roof terrace can be found between the large extension and the main body of the house which is painted in a dark theme. This painting is completed with a slightest of warm pigment to let the house becomes a bit friendlier for its residents.




Feisteinveien Gallery


Photographer: Tom Auger

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