Harlosh Black H: A Modern Holiday Home with Contemporary Interior and Neutral Walls

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This modern holiday home is located in Isle of Skye, Scotland. Harlosh Black H is situated near the Cuillin Mountains at the east and also Macleod’s Tables at the west. Designed in a contemporary interior with neutral colors of the wall, this home has a strong connection with the landscape around it. You can visit Dunvegan Castle nearby and also having a whiskey-tasting tour at Talisker whiskey distillery.


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The entire structure of this holiday home is designed in a modern style. The interior is made with a contemporary idea to create a more welcoming and warm invitation. The interesting about this home is the neutral walls. The entire walls of the building are painted in white and black, offering a simple look which is also interesting to be seen.



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The contemporary interior is balanced with the neutral white walls and black cladding for the materials. Both interior and exterior are beautified with wooden tones, providing a natural feeling that links to the landscape. Some modern details are also used to make some clean lines such as leather lounge chairs and sheepskin rugs.



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Harlosh Black H also has a little bit minimalist style which is warm because of the wood accents in the entire spaces. The architect adds a split-level open design that consists of some clean lines. Together with interior elements including the furniture, this holiday home can be one of the most comfortable places to stay around the great landscape.



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Based on the landscape situation around the home, the design of this home is made to create a good connection to the landscape. There is a cluster of waterfalls and also crystal clear rock pools called Fairy Pools which are very worth to be visited. You can complete your holiday fantasy by visiting the Dunvegan Castle near the hotel and also trying the best whisket at Talisker.



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In order to get all the benefits from the great landscape around the site, this holiday home has a large glass wall and some small windows. You can enjoy the view right from the bedroom or the dining area while eating some delicious food. Harlosh Black H is a perfect place to stay for a young couple who need to escape from the busy activities.


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