Aculco: A Holiday Home Made of Block Walls of Quarry Stone with Minimal Need of Maintenance

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Located in Aculco, State of Mexico, Aculco is a completed project of a holiday home designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados. This house sits in an ideal place where someone can get some rest from modern living in a natural environment. With 90 m2 in size, this house is made of block walls of quarry stone with minimal need for maintenance.


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This house is isolated completely in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. This area is a perfect place to get in contact with the most elemental states and spend some rest time from modern living. The natural environment also has some impressive cliffs close by. This place was found by two brothers while they were on a rock-climbing trip and this project is ordered by them after they bought and restored the area.



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The architectural project is guided by the environment qualities so the architect tries to create a reciprocal dialogue between the house construction and its natural surrounding. Simplicity, the minimal need of maintenance, and intimacy are added with the land and panorama. This house is made of block walls of quarry stone from the area, glass, wood, and clay floors.



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All materials in this house are left in their raw state without any covers. The clear spaces from the construction become a container of views solely. A major challenge during the construction is to cause the less possible impact on the environment while the architect needs to have the necessary workforce and materials in a project located in an isolated place.



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The sloping and flat roof in this house becomes an interesting highlight that can be seen from a distance. Besides the glazed walls, this house is also designed with wooden boards for some parts of the wall. At the rear area of the house, the two brothers can sit on a stone bench to enjoy the stunning view surroundings.


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Photographer: Rafael Gamo

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