8 Industrial Living Rooms that’s Undeniably Chic

Industrial living room with couch

Exposed structural elements, large open spaces, and reclaimed materials such as concrete, wood, brick, and metal are industrial characteristics that you can add and do to make your living room looks awesome. Industrial is one of the best designs that can capture everyone’s attention.

Below are 8 industrial living rooms that are undeniably chic for your home. Check them out!

1. Voltaire by SABO

Voltaire 21

An awesome and comfortable industrial living room can be found in Voltaire by SABO. This living room is designed with some reclaimed materials like concrete and wood. The concrete ceiling is the highlight of the room while the wooden floor and furniture can create a warmer atmosphere.

Photographer: Alexandre Delaunay


2. Node Living by DesignAgency

Node Living 8

In Node Living by DesignAgency, the industrial living room is beautified by the brick wall and wooden floor. It is an example of simple industrial living room that you can try for your home. For the furniture, you can more colorful furniture like a blue sofa and an orange chair.

Photography: DesignAgency


3. The Sounding Space by PRUSTA

The Sounding Space 18

The wood cladding on the ceiling is the highlight of this industrial living room. The Sounding Space by PRUSTA is a spacious house that is designed with a combination of minimalist, modern, and also industrial interior with some oriental elements that can be found in its living room.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas


4. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 11

The industrial living room in Industrial Loft by IDwhite is also beautified with some elegant and modern accents. It is a project of a house reconstruction where its living room is designed with some different colors: white, grey, black. Lightings with industrial styles are also recommended to complete the whole design.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas


5. Marvel’s Safehouse by HAO DESIGN

Marvel's Safehouse 6

It is a hero’s house with an industrial living room and a cement finish that is requested by the client. Marvel’s Safehouse by HAO DESIGN has a natural cement-based environment which is perfect for the client, a 30-year-old engineer.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


6. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN

Recall Casa 9

It is an industrial living room with a vintage style. The combination of different materials in the living room of Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN makes it looks like a loft cafe. This house is designed for a couple with three cats. The designer creates some special designs for the cats as well.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


7. Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN

Gentle Heart Of Steel 7

Concrete is the main material that is used to designed this industrial living room. Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN has an awesome living room with a concrete ceiling, concrete floor, and concrete wall. In order to create a balanced look, white and wood elements are added to this room (black sofa, wooden tables).

Photography: HAO DESIGN


8. Bright House by HAO DESIGN

Bright House 2

This family house has an industrial living room that is friendly to kids. Bright House by HAO DESIGN offers a comfortable living room designed with concrete walls, a concrete ceiling, and a wooden floor. The highlight of the room is the blue sofa.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

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