Font 6 Apartment: Colorful Remodel of A Compact Apartment with Modern Eclectic Interior

Font 6 Apartment 11

The modern eclectic interior in Font 6 Apartment is quirky. Designed by a Barcelona architect, the signature style of his studio is used to remodel this apartment. The co-founder of CaSa, Andrea Serboli, purchased the apartment steps to make it his living place. With a choppy layout that can partition the compact shape, 800 square foot of the total area is transformed by Margherita Serboli Arquitectura and CaSa.


Font 6 Apartment 1

Font 6 Apartment 2

The main goal of this awesome project is about transforming the apartment into a warm and inviting residence that can be called as home personally. The vision is creating “room of curiosities” that can display treasures and arts both from his friends who are sculptors, illustrators, painters, and his own travels.



Font 6 Apartment 3

Font 6 Apartment 4

The modern eclectic interior of this apartment is shown in a simple way. The compact nature also becomes an important design that comes from every space. The ceiling comes with a semi-circle form, giving more aesthetic value to the interior. This kind of form also can be found in the bathroom, especially the bathroom vanity.



Font 6 Apartment 5

Font 6 Apartment 6

Some period elements are preserved by Serboli such as bedroom floors and doors. The floors of the living room cannot be salvaged fully because of the partitions removal. That’s why the new floor is made from a continuous slab of ivory-colored micro-cement, creating a cozy living room with some types of supporting furniture.



Font 6 Apartment 7

Font 6 Apartment 8

There is a long table in the dining room that used as a dining and a desk. The Vintage Thonet chairs are put near the cork stools and black metal from IKEA. CaSa also designs a Gold Fold Sconce that produced by Metalware, showcased on the wall of the dining room. With those kinds of furniture, the modern eclectic interior looks simple and luxury at the same time.



Font 6 Apartment 9

Font 6 Apartment 10

One of the most interesting areas in this apartment is the kitchen. This beautiful kitchen has soft arches and curves, a move of the interior design that repeated inside the apartment. The bold color comes from the hues of blue and coral accent on the kitchen island. The elegant look is added with the marble material on its surface.



Font 6 Apartment 11

Font 6 Apartment 12

The architect uses white as the main color for Font 6 Apartment, especially for the interior background. This color dominates the wall, door, and even the bed in the guest room. Some beams on the kitchen ceiling are painted in orange, adding more colorful designs to the interior together with the blue kitchen island.

Photographer: Roberto Ruiz

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