Appliance Love: Commercial Project of A Showroom with Modern Interior and Innovative Space

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The main goal of Appliance Love with the architect from DesignAgency is about creating a showroom with a modern interior and innovative space. This showroom space should not look like a kitchen store or a traditional appliance but more like a space to display everything uniquely. The Appliance Love showroom is located in Toronto, Canada.


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The modern interior in this showroom is combined with an idea to create unique, innovative spaces. This interior and space design can complement the boutique of Appliance Love with the best approach to customer service and care. Both the interior and exterior of this showroom is interesting and very easy to recognize.



Appliance Love 3

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Besides the modern interior, DesignAgency also works together with the owner of the showroom to have a design concept and develop it. This concept is based on the notional plywood in the kitchen. The appliances in this room are very stand out without any kitchen aesthetic overshadow to be highlighted.



Appliance Love 5

Appliance Love 6

The raw plywood is used especially to design the modern interior in the kitchen. It is a utilitarian and typical building material that can highlight and contrast all of the pristine and smooth appliances. The kitchen now looks simple with an interactive environment, offering a feeling like home for all customers.

Via thedesignagency

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