EIGER MÖNCH JUNGFRAU: A Multiple-Family House with A Pitched Roof

Located in Rancate, Switzerland, EIGER MÖNCH JUNGFRAU is a 2017 project of a multiple-family house by Stocker Lee Architetti. It consists of a family house and also a group of adjoining rental apartments. Designed with an unevenly pitched roof based on the jagged outline of a nearby mountain range, this project offers a unique design of residential buildings with comfortable interior spaces.

Atelier 12

Atelier: A New Office with A Rust-Red, Rectangular Volume and Prefabricated Wooden Elements

It is a new office of Stocker Lee Architetti that completed in 2019. Atelier is located in Rancate, Switzerland, in a peripheral area of the town called Via Molino Nuovo. The building of this new office is designed in a rust-red, rectangular volume. The prefabricated wooden elements are used for the outside construction which is in contrast to rough concrete.