Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

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Pharmacy in Koningsoord, Berkel-Enschot: A Largely Transparent Building with A Glass Facade

The glass facade of this pharmacy building contrasts with the monastery complex architecture. It is a largely transparent building that can show people all preparation and activities inside. This building is also a part of the large-scale developments around and in the Koningsoord monastery area.

House Vught: A Stately Home and Studio Building with Classic and Sober Design

This house and its studio building are located on a wooded street near the historic center. Designed as a stately home, the house fits in the prominent place of the site. While the studio building has open roof construction made of wooden trusses and it can be used for multiple needs. The studio building and the main house can embrace the lush garden. This garden is designed by landscape architect Wirtz.

House Steensel: A Modern House with A Bracelet Design and ‘Richness’ for the Rooms

This house has a clear plan that grafted onto an axes cross, while the length of the house is intersected by the bright, double-height hall. Along the front and rear facades, the long sightlines are created because doors between the rooms can be slid complete. The bathroom, wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen, dining area, and living room merge but also make an intimate, private impression at the same time. The exterior is elusive and exciting due to the high degree of abstraction.

Nuenen House: A White-Painted Brick Facade with A Special Interior and Different Character of Spaces

Nuenen House is gas-free and all-electric, prepared architecturally to be self-sufficient. It has structural sustainability measures that have been detailed, including the grids and channels. These grids and channels for heat recovery are part of the fitted wardrobes and suspended ceiling.

Berkel-Enschot House: A Family House with A Large Glazed Wall and Locally Produced Bricks

A timber porch is shaded by a tree, leads into the hallway with a utility space on one side. It also leads to the family dining room that connects with the old barn. A combined living room and kitchen at the front of the house offer a simple fireplace and polished pine floors. Two extra bedrooms can be found on either side of the first floor while a master bedroom sits on the left side of the stairs. Each room has a single square window.

Villa Rotonda: The Archetypical “House with Saddle Roof” with A Minimalist Modernist Twist and Medium Gray Brick

The characters of this house come from its structure and its materials. This house is clad in a medium gray brick with dark gray slate roof tiles and the typical Bedaux repertoire material pallet. The characteristic front façade chimneys also can remind the previous designs by the previous generations.

Bedaux-Nagengast Residence: A Single-Family Residence with A Simple Volume and Lightly Mottled Ochre Brick

By varying the size and depth of the window openings deliberately, a play on the scale is created to make it hard to sense the house actual size. Some important public buildings in the area can inform the color and character of the lightly mottled ochre brick by Danish Brick company Petersen, the main material of this house.