35 Wabash: Contemporary Interior Design of A Condo for Good Living and Quality Experiences

35 Wabash Condo 3

35 Wabash is a residential project of DesignAgency located in Toronto, Canada. The inspiration for its contemporary interior comes from the profile of its future inhabitants without any trends. The main goal is not about creating a condo with stylish interior design but a good living place that can give the best quality experiences in daily life.


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35 Wabash Condo 2

35 Wabash is not a typical condo like other condos. It offers for them who want to live peacefully in the downtown and enjoy both the amenities and services from a unique condo. In order to actualize these best amenities and services, DesignAgency works together with Zinc Developments to design the contemporary interior in 35 Wabash.



35 Wabash Condo 3

35 Wabash Condo 4

This condo has a contemporary interior with an artistic and old warehouse neighborhood character that can’t be found in other condos. It is a reflection result of the experience that has been created by the architect and Zinc through the condo interior design. The warm conversation also can be sparked between the people in the condo with this character.



35 Wabash Condo 6

Some qualities of the condo are merged by the Sales Center, they are the private home best aspects, a condominium experience, and also a lost style living. The main goal is about creating a mature atmosphere in a unique condo with the contemporary interior which is comfortable, fresh, and worldly.



35 Wabash Condo 5

The architect mixes textured, warm woods with crisp white and black accent for the contemporary interior design in 35 Wabash. Those materials are the interior basis and also a backdrop which is very easy to personalize. So when this condo needs some updates, it is very easy to redesign its interior without removing its main design of contemporary style.

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