Function Walls: An Optimized Living Place with Modern Interior and Three Built-in Walls

Function Walls 16

Function Walls is the name of this interior project designed by Lookofsky Architecture. Located in Stockholm, Sweden this 1920s apartment has a full transformation with a modern interior and three built-in walls. These walls can make the apartment changes into an optimized living place and also an interesting apartment with its yellow interior surface.


Function Walls 1

Function Walls 2

The interior design in this apartment has a full transformation, from an old apartment into a modern apartment with functional spaces. The modern interior is full of yellow that applied to the three main features, including the furniture, lighting, and even pillows. This apartment turns into a stylish place with an attractive yellow interior surface.



Function Walls 3

Function Walls 4

There are three main features designed to create an optimized space in this apartment. These features are parts of the full renovation. The three main features are storage wall in the bathroom, a wardrobe wall in the bedroom, and a long kitchen wall. They are built-in walls with practical and storage features.



Function Walls 5

Function Walls 6

One of the three main features can be found in the bedroom. This bedroom has a wardrobe wall installed surrounded the sliding door of the bedroom. In the kitchen, besides the long kitchen wall, the yellow kitchen island also becomes a focal point in the center of the room. This kitchen island is designed with some drawers, providing additional storage to keep the kitchen stuff.



Function Walls 7

Function Walls 8

There is a 7-meter long wall in the kitchen. This wall is placed in the large multifunctional room which was two smaller rooms previously. These two smaller rooms are changed into smaller sub-components that have a separate function on each subcomponent. The result can provide a functional wall for the residents, especially in the kitchen.



Function Walls 9

Function Walls 10

The architect gives some components into this apartment, including seating niche, countertop, and also oven in the kitchen. A new life is given to space with the kitchen wall that becomes a fun composition to the modern interior design. The new life also can create a good space for the social interactions in everyday life of the residents.



Function Walls 11

Function Walls 12

Yellow becomes the main color to beautify most of the modern interior elements in this apartment. This color is used to highlight the furniture, wall, and lighting. Another natural color comes from the wooden material installed on the floor. The yellow and white are combined together to create a color variation which is fun to see.


Function Walls

Function Walls 13

Function Walls 14

Function Walls 15

Function Walls 16

Function Walls 17

Photographer: Mattias Hamrén

Via archdaily

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