5 Cottage-Style Bathroom Ideas Perfect for A Mid-Century Modern Apartment

interior of bathroom in modern cottage house
interior of bathroom in modern cottage house

A small, cozy home in the countryside can be called a cottage. It is a home that is identical with comfortable furnishings, fresh colors, and natural elements. A cottage style is a perfect style that can be used for rooms in your apartment, including your bathroom.

Here are 5 cottage-style bathroom ideas perfect for a mid-century modern apartment to inspire you.

1. Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Bolton Est 1

A cottage-style bathroom idea in Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN is about bringing natural elements into the house. It is a white bathroom with a wooden wall-mounted drawer and shelf. With a white interior surface, the black small tiles of the floor look contrast.

Photographer: Mario C. Melillo and Angus McRitchie


2. Cottage de Brébeuf by BOOM TOWN

Cottage De Brébeuf 4

It is a rustic-chic cottage that uses concrete, wood, and steel as the main materials. The cottage-style bathroom idea in Cottage de Brébeuf by BOOM TOWN is about using one of those materials (wood) to design the wall-mounted table for the sink.

Photography: BOOM TOWN


3. Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects

Kiah House 31

Designed as a weatherboard cottage, Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects has a cottage-style bathroom idea that uses natural materials. The wall of the shower area in this house bathroom is designed with bricks while timber cladding is used for the shower floor.

Photographer: Tess Kelly


4. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture

Gitarren Haus 3

If you need a more modern cottage-style bathroom idea, check out the bathroom design in Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture. This unique postwar cottage has a beautiful bathroom designed with neutral marbles. The interior is dominated in white while the mirror can make the bathroom feels larger than it seems.

Photographer: Katherine Lu


5. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects

Mountain Cottage 2

The cottage-style bathroom idea in Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects is about creating a simple traditional interior. The bathroom has a bright interior that comes from the white wooden walls. The mirror and wall storage are the traditional elements in this bathroom.

Photographer: (photos and most light fixtures) Urban Electric Co

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