V20 Apartment: Modern Architecture and Scandinavian Interior Design of A Bright Apartment

V20 Apartment 5

V20 Apartment is a modern, colorful, stylish, and bright apartment located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The Scandinavian interior design with its modern architecture and bright look are designed by DA Design & Architecture. The most interesting thing from this apartment is the black-white background that filled up with many colorful things such as furniture, lighting, and even books.


V20 Apartment 1

V20 Apartment 2

Most of the wall rooms in the V20 Apartment are painted in white. It makes the Scandinavian interior in this apartment looks bright. The colorful design comes from many things such as chairs, sofa, lamps, and also the creative arts on the wall behind the TV stands. The interior is fun and also perfect for all residents.



V20 Apartment 3

V20 Apartment 4

The architect from DA Design & Architecture uses black and white as a color background. The black background is only used to design the study room interior. In this room, the Scandinavian style is created by painting some parts of the wall in a plain black. The contrasting look of this room can make it looks even more interesting than the other rooms.



V20 Apartment 5

V20 Apartment 6

V20 Apartment is kind of large apartment with some rooms. These rooms are separated to give more functional use for the residents in their daily life. That’s why the kitchen, dining, and living area are placed in one space. This space is very interesting with the colorful furniture and kitchen tile patterns which is very decorative.



V20 Apartment 7

V20 Apartment 8

In the study room, the grey sofa invites everyone who comes to stay and relax while reading a book. More bright colors can be found in the main space of the apartment. This space is beautified with orange and yellow dining chair. Both the dining and living room tables are designed with the best wood material ever.



V20 Apartment 9

V20 Apartment 10

The Scandinavian interior is identical with fewer details. So the architect comes with an idea to create some small details in a simple way. This idea is realized with the orange arts on the wall behind the TV stand and also some books with different bright colors on its cover in the study room.



V20 Apartment 11 V20 Apartment 12

V20 Apartment 13

The lighting also becomes another object to bring more colorful feeling in this apartment beside the furniture. In the dining area, there are four lamps with different colors: white, black, green, and yellow. In the entrance area, more long and bright lamps are used to highlight the white surface of the wall.


V20 Apartment

V20 Apartment 14

V20 Apartment 15

V20 Apartment 16

V20 Apartment 17

V20 Apartment 18

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