SIMPLE Hostel: A Colorful Hostel with Simple Interior and Eco-Design Concept

SIMPLE Hostel 5

SIMPLE Hostel has a clean and cool look of its interior. The simple interior in this hostel is designed by DA Design & Architecture with a colorful and eco-design concept. This concept comes from the use of plywood material to the hostel furniture and interior surface. SIMPLE Hostel is not an ordinary comfortable place to stay but also a stylish hostel which is trendy and environment-friendly.


SIMPLE Hostel 9

SIMPLE Hostel 8

The main concept design of SIMPLE Hostel is about creating an interesting place to stay even from its outside look. The exterior is designed with brick that painted in green. Once the visitors enter the hostel, they will be welcomed with a beautiful and natural interior of the receptionist area with the plywood look.



SIMPLE Hostel 7

SIMPLE Hostel 6

The simple interior of this hostel is different. It is not only designed with an eco concept but also colorful and cool. The name of the hostel is designed and painted in blue on the white brick. Even the bathroom looks very contrast but also awesome with the combination of black and white such as white sink and black wall.



SIMPLE Hostel 5

SIMPLE Hostel 4

The plywood is the main material in SIMPLE Hostel. This material is used to design the wall and the furniture, especially the bunk bed. The unique pattern of plywood can bring a different atmosphere which is added with other unique things too like chairs and lighting, giving a new experience for all visitors.



SIMPLE Hostel 3

SIMPLE Hostel 2

There are some options that can be chosen by visitors. This hostel offers a big bed in a bigger room for a couple. They also have one large room that can be used for many people at once when the visitors come together to stay with their friends. In the kitchen, the modern look of the simple interior comes from the kitchen black walls and the hanged utensils.



SIMPLE Hostel 1

The simple interior is not enough without some additions. In order to make the interior looks attractive, some bright colors are added through like red beds, blue cushions, purple sofa, and even some colorful flowers. White is used as a background color for this hostel interior, especially for the floor, some parts of the wall, and ceiling.

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