In the Mood: A Large House with Contemporary Interior and Warm, Natural Atmosphere

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With an awesome contemporary interior design and warm, natural atmosphere, this large house becomes a comfortable house that meets the owner needs. The interior design is made by Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta, one of the best interior design companies in Vilnius. In the Mood is the name of this big project and it is completed in 2016.


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The unique look of a contemporary interior in this large house comes from many things. For example, the patterned wall behind the TV is made from marble materials. The same uniqueness also can be found in the dining area with three black lamps. The warm and natural atmosphere come from the beautiful wooden floor.



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The kitchen area is minimalist with the grey kitchen cabinet. In the middle of the kitchen, there is a long wooden table with black stools. The additional storage is located under the table. The same unique lamp in the dining room is also used in this kitchen. The bathroom looks awesome with the white bathtub and sink.



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The architect uses white as the basic color to design the contemporary interior in this house. This color is combined with the natural color of wood from the house floor. They also add other bright colors with a yellow chair in the living room and turquoise elements in the bedroom, attracting the attention of anyone who sees them.



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Besides the living room, dining area, and kitchen, Prusta also designs the working area and the kids room. The glass window in front of the working desk allows the beautiful view outside the house can be seen clearly while working. In the kid’s room, the adorable wallpaper and owl-shaped carpet offer a fun room to play.



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The whole surface of the floor in this house is designed with wood materials. The same materials are also used to beautify some parts of the house wall. In the bathroom, the patterned tiles and wood materials are combined and mixed to get a unique look of the contemporary interior.

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The dining area and kitchen look more elegant with the same type of furniture. The black dining chairs match with the black stools in the kitchen. The elegant style comes from the round glass table in the dining area. For the storage, the architect designs additional wooden storage under the wooden staircase.

Via prusta

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