House in Vilnius: Vintage Interior of A Beautiful House with Unique Asian Design

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House in Vilnius has an awesome combination of the vintage interior with unique Asian design. The interior of this beautiful house is also decorated with some Asian characteristics and natural elements. This 2015 project is designed by Egle Prunskiene and Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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The vintage interior in this house is not only warm but also calm. Just like other houses with Asian characteristic, House in Vilnius is also designed with natural elements, natural materials, and some touches of Asian characteristic such as Asian pattern and artworks.



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This house has a high ceiling with a long space of the ground floor. In this floor, the kitchen, living, and dining area are placed in one space. In the middle, the old vintage style of a black fireplace can spread out its warm through the whole space. On the other side, the large glass wall offers a beautiful view of the house deck.



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Some areas of the house floor are designed with the same wood materials as the ceiling. Most of the chosen furniture comes with a dark style of black wood, including the living room table, dining chairs, and bookshelf. In order to bring more natural feeling, some big pots with plants are placed inside the house.



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House in Vilnius is dominated by natural colors from the materials, such as wood, concrete, and tiles. Some of the interior elements are painted but the rest is left to get more attractive looks with the original color of the material. In the bathroom, white tiles match well with the white bathtub and sink.



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The bathroom and bedroom are located near to each other, separated from the main space of the ground floor. The bathroom is small but it is enough to fill it up with a bathtub. The bedroom has a simple look of vintage interior design without too many things inside. The interesting side comes from the bed with its colored grid pattern on the surface.

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