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House in Kai: A Family House with Intermediate Spaces for A Feeling of Closeness

Located in Yamanashi, Japan, House in Kai is constructed of solid steel columns. This house is designed by MAMM DESIGN as a family house with intermediate spaces for a feeling of closeness. The volume of the house is also designed as a terraced shape to maintain horizontal connections between the house floors. This project is completed in 2014.

Garden/House: Separation of the Volume into Small Boxes in A Simple House

Completed in 2016 by MAMM DESIGN, Garden/House is a residential project located in Tokyo, Japan. Claustrophobic conditions in this house can be avoided by separating the volume of the house into small boxes and placing them at different positions. The adjacent boxes share their walls that also used as gentle dividers and seismic-resistant elements.

ondo: A Three-Floor House with A Café and A Roof Terrace

This three-floor house is located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by MAMM DESIGN. ondo is a 2015 residential project of a house with a café in a plot of only 38 square meters. This house also has a basement and a roof terrace. The vertical movement inside the house that changes dramatically used as an important aspect for this project.

MINNA-NO-IE: A Modern House with Internal and Homely Spaces

Located in Tokyo, Japan, MAMM DESIGN works together with Ohno JAPAN and LIGHTDESIGN to complete this 2010 residential project. MINNA-NO-IE means “Everyone’s House”, which suggests that this modern house has no strict borders. The consciousness beyond the borders of the house’s tiny plot is extended physically to escape the city’s claustrophobic living conditions.