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Three Elements: A Compact Middle-Rise Villa with Three Elements in Its Architecture

Designed by an international bureau, Kerimov Architects, Three Elements is a 780 sq. m three-story villa located in Jurmala. The goal of this awesome project is to design a compact middle-rise building with three elements that should be embodied in its architecture.

Casa do Cabo: An Environmentally Friendly House with the Predominance of Horizontal Lines

Sits on a hill on the southern coast of Portugal, Casa do Cabo is an environmentally friendly house designed by Kerimov Architects. This 1250 sq. m house is designed with an awesome architecture that is characterized by squatness and the predominance of horizontal lines.

Villa in Marbella: Transformation of A Typical White Box into A Unique Object

Located in Marbella, Spain, this 800 sq. m house was under construction when the customer bought it. Kerimov Architects reconstructs this house because the customer doesn’t like either its shape or color. The challenge of Villa in Marbella is to transform a typical white box into a unique object.

House on A Cliff: The Use of Natural Materials and Their Derivatives

Completed by Kerimov Architects in 2020, House on A Cliff is a one-storeyed house located on the cliff in Algarve, Portugal. Designed for clients who are introverts, this house becomes a place to be alone with nature from the rush city. Only natural materials and their derivatives are used for this awesome project.

A House for Two in Repino: A Permanent Stay with Spacious Spaces

Located in Repino, Saint-Petersturg, Russia, A House for Two in Repino is a 280 sqm house project completed by Kerimov Architects. It is a permanent stay with spacious spaces that sits on a calm forest site, designed for a family couple who want to enjoy life far from the hustle of a city.

House in Okolitsa: Relationships between Exterior and Interior, Landscape, and Architecture

Located in the villa community “Okolitsa”, Moscow, this 1500 sqm house is a residential project by Kerimov Architects. Each volume of House in Okolitsa is separated with atriums to form relationships between the exterior and the interior, landscape, and architecture.

House in Repino: A Wright-Like Style House with Natural Materials

Located in Repino, Leningrad region, House in Repino is a residential project by Kerimov Architects with a total area of 1000 sqm. All residences in the villa community have to be in a Wright-like style is one strong stylistic limitation of this project. Natural materials are also used to fuse with the natural environment.

Vorobiev House: A Bright Interior with Natural Materials and Light Colors

Designed for a young couple, Vorobiev House is a 200 sqm apartment located in a residential complex in Moscow. Kerimov Architects uses natural materials and light colors to expand and enlarge the initially large space visually. The result is a modern house with an awesome bright interior.