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A House for Two in Repino: A Permanent Stay with Spacious Spaces

Located in Repino, Saint-Petersturg, Russia, A House for Two in Repino is a 280 sqm house project completed by Kerimov Architects. It is a permanent stay with spacious spaces that sits on a calm forest site, designed for a family couple who want to enjoy life far from the hustle of a city.

Nasledie: A Modern Interior with Play of Materials and Textures

This apartment is located in a residential complex ‘Nasledie’, Moscow. The modern interior of Nasledie is designed by Kerimov Architects with a play of materials and textures. With 145 sqm in size, this apartment and its interior can provide a comfortable living place for a family with children.

House in Okolitsa: Relationships between Exterior and Interior, Landscape, and Architecture

Located in the villa community “Okolitsa”, Moscow, this 1500 sqm house is a residential project by Kerimov Architects. Each volume of House in Okolitsa is separated with atriums to form relationships between the exterior and the interior, landscape, and architecture.

House in Repino: A Wright-Like Style House with Natural Materials

Located in Repino, Leningrad region, House in Repino is a residential project by Kerimov Architects with a total area of 1000 sqm. All residences in the villa community have to be in a Wright-like style is one strong stylistic limitation of this project. Natural materials are also used to fuse with the natural environment.

Vorobiev House: A Bright Interior with Natural Materials and Light Colors

Designed for a young couple, Vorobiev House is a 200 sqm apartment located in a residential complex in Moscow. Kerimov Architects uses natural materials and light colors to expand and enlarge the initially large space visually. The result is a modern house with an awesome bright interior.

Kid’s Island: Children’s Playground Made of Plywood with Plexiglas Elements

Designed by MERA Makers Design Lab, this children’s playground is a real island with a lighthouse, cave, treehouse, and water. With 10 sqm in size and located in Russian small town Sarov, Kid’s Island becomes a play space that can give every child the personification of what every adult dreamed of during the quarantine of coronavirus. It is made of plywood with some plexiglass elements.