Astro Gaming: Industrial Interior Design for Tenants of A Leading Gaming Company

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Astro Gaming is a leading gaming company with specializes in designing gaming headsets. Their headquarters in San Fransisco, California consists of some tenants that house the whole team of the company. The industrial interior design of those tenants is designed by Costa Brown Architecture and completed in 2016.


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The interior of all tenants in this San Fransisco HQ is designed in industrial. The characteristic of the industrial interior such as pipes on the concrete ceiling can be seen easily. Costa Brown also exposes the wooden wall and adding more modern touches with the glass door and big lightings.



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Astro Gaming brings their entire team, including marketing, customer support, engineering, and design. For the entire team, the architect considers the unique base building first before the execution. This unique base gives design challenges for the architect, especially in designing the floor geometry and high ceiling.



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With the open plan, the large open space inside the building is divided into some areas for each company division. This plan is also about organizing the furniture, including the desks near the windows that can give easy access to get natural light for employees. The building space turns into a more comfortable space.



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The exterior wall design is large and curved, it looks contrast with the faceted acoustic panels. These panels can denote the building space and also the sawtooth office of the company. The conference rooms are also designed with those panels, guide all occupants to the office space.



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The tenant interiors of this building consist of conference rooms, offices, kitchen, gaming area, and also a receptionist. Each room is designed with the same industrial style, a space with a grey atmosphere that comes from the concrete floor and ceiling. The different thing can be seen in each room lighting design which is unique and also interesting to be seen.

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