Skycatch: Industrial Interior of Renovated Penthouse for Drone Imaging Company

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Skycatch is a drone imaging company located in San Francisco. The 8,000 square feet of a penthouse is renovated by Costa Brown Architecture, providing a comfortable working space for the company employees. The industrial interior design is used based on building conditions, offering a better work environment.


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The scope of this project is about a commercial office renovation in order to create a large open space that can be used for the company to work effectively. The renovation not only includes the interior but also the construction, architecture, and office facilities for all employees.



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The large open space in this renovated penthouse is designed with industrial interior design, exposing the brick and the concrete materials on the ceiling. Some pipes are used together with the industrial style of lamps. The ceiling is high with a skylight roof to allow the sunlight comes inside during the days.



Skycatch 4

Skycatch 6

The working conditions are adaptable with the large open space. This space consists of a custom cafe located on the ground floor under the double height mezzanine area. The mezzanine area can be used by the employees to work in a better work environment and also enjoying the comfortable social setting.



Skycatch 7

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The building has a brick wall with the office division that divided with a glass wall and door. The floor and ceiling are designed with concrete, decorated with big lightings and modern furniture. The chosen furniture for this office is wooden furniture, especially for the kitchen cabinet, cafe tables, and chairs.

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