Prouvé House 2

Prouvé House: A New Holiday Retreat Made Entirely of Metal and Wood

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Ivan Harbour have been completed a holiday home project commissioned by Galerie Patrick Seguin. Prouvé House is completed in 2015, designed as a holiday home with a design adaptation from ‘6m x 6m Demountable House’ by the self-taught French architect and designer Jean Prouvé. This home is unique because it is made of entirely metal and wood.

Las Arenas 3

Las Arenas: A New Landmark with A 100-Meter-Diameter Habitable ‘Dish’ and 76-Meter-Diameter Domed Roof

This visually striking new landmark is a bullring that formally re-opened to the public on 25 March 2011. Las Arenas is located in Barcelona, Spain and it acts as a major new mixed-use leisure, entertainment, and office complex. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners uses the most advanced architectural and engineering technologies, especially to present a 100-meter-diameter habitable ‘dish’ with a 76-meter-diameter domed roof.

NEO Bankside 8

NEO Bankside: Residential Buildings with Coloration and Materials of the Local Architectural character

Located in the heart of the Bankside area of London, NEO Bankside has 217 modern residential units in four buildings ranging from 12 to 24 floors. Completed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partner in 2012, these hexagonal pavilions are arranged to provide residents with generous accommodation. The contemporary language in these buildings reinterprets the coloration and materials of the local architectural character.

Minami Yamashiro Elementary School 2

Minami Yamashiro Elementary School: A Life-Long Learning Building with A Concrete Frame

Located in Kyoto, Japan, Minami Yamashiro Elementary School is commissioned by the mayor of Minami Yamashiro to reunite the local community. It is not only a school but also a community center. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and completed in 2003, the result is a modern building with a concrete structure that offers life-long learning and evening classes for the community’s adult population and daytime schooling for children.

Antwerp Law Courts 4

Antwerp Law Courts: A New Gateway Building with A Pre-Cast Concrete Frame Superstructure

Started in 1998 and finished in 2005, Antwerp Law Courts is designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners for Regie der Gebouwen. It is one of the practice’s major public buildings of the early 21st century in Antwerp, Belgium that reflects a vision of the city as a humane and democratic place. The new gateway building is designed with a pre-cast concrete frame superstructure.